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Ever since Ticketmaster and Live Nation merged in 2010, consumers have complained about excessive fees and deceptive business practices.  Nearly all tickets for concerts, theater performances, festivals, sporting events, and other forms of entertainment are sold online. Tickets sold online come with all sorts of service fees, processing fees, facility fees, and the like. Consumers are challenging those fees as unfair and deceptive; more than 6000 individuals wrote to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) last year about the unfairness of online ticket sales.

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It’s Hard to Avoid Paying Excessive Ticketing and Reseller Fees

If you want to buy a ticket or have it emailed to you, there’s a fee for that. The average event ticket fee on a primary sale is 27 percent of its face value. Want to sell your ticket? There are fees for that, too. StubHub charges around 30% for each sale.  Reports indicate that nearly half of Ticketmaster and Live Nation’s revenue comes from excessive fees – nearly $6 billion!

Example:  You purchase a concert ticket for $100. Ticketmaster charges $27 in fees, so the total cost is $127. Later, you sell it on StubHub for $110, but only walk away with $85 after fees. In other words, you lost $42 on the sale, but Ticketmaster made $27 and StubHub made $25.

Why Are Ticketing and Reseller Fees So High?

The advent of online ticketing has not led to lower fees. A major reason is that Ticketmaster does not face serious competition, as it controls 80% of the ticket market, and because Live Nation manages over 500 major music artists, they can force venues to use Ticketmaster exclusively. Live Nation controls “nearly every aspect” of the ticket business, producing record-high ticket prices and large fees, according to an investigation published last month by the New York Times. In August 2019, two U.S. Senators asked the Department of Justice to investigate Ticketmaster and Live Nation. The Federal Trade Commission is also investigating.

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Misleading and Deceptive Fee Descriptions

Ticketmaster and StubHub have also been accused of misrepresenting the nature of the fees.  Consumers claim that the description of fees are deceptive and suggests that the fee for UPS delivery of tickets is a pass-through of what UPS charges for that deliveryConsumers also claim that the description of fees caused customers to believe Order Processing Fees and Email Delivery Fees are based on the company’s costs in processing orders. They’re not; those fees are actually one more profit generator that customers are forced to pay.

In 2013, Ticketmaster agreed to pay $42 million in restitution for misleading ticket buyers. To seek compensation for fees you paid, please submit a free Case Review Form.

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