If your child has downloaded and played the popular game Roblox, you may be eligible for a claim against the company for content that may be inappropriate for children and use of deceptive marketing tactics.

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What Is this About?

Despite marketing itself as safe and appropriate for children of all ages, reports indicate that the Roblox platform may contain mature content unsuitable for young children and use stealth marketing by advertising companies and large corporations.

Reports have also found that Roblox, an online gaming platform for children, may use deceptive marketing techniques to induce parents and children to purchase Roblox’s in-game currency, known as “Robux.”

If your child has played Roblox and you’ve helped purchase “Robux,” you may have a claim against the company.

Inappropriate Content on Roblox

Multiple media reports and third-party organizations have raised concerns about sexual, violent, and other inappropriate content for children. To learn more, read the following articles:

Concerns Over Gambling

Roblox has also faced allegations that the platform facilitates gambling through third-party websites that use Robux. Read the following to learn more:

Stealth Marketing Toward Children

In addition, Roblox allegedly permits advertisers and large corporations to deceptively advertise to users on its platform, including through “advergames” or branded worlds where users are immersed in in-game advertising. Read the following to learn more:

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