Facebook Copyright Infringement Threatens Creators

Zimmerman Reed is helping artists, product creators, and copyright owners who may be impacted by copyright infringement on Facebook.

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Copyright Infringement Background

Facebook, a multi-billion-dollar advertising company disguised as a social media platform, may be the source and cause of some of the most detrimental and largest e-commerce scams, according to reports. Many of the scams may be connected to Facebook advertisements that violate copyright laws and unfair competition laws.

Zimmerman Reed is actively investigating copyright infringement claims related to advertisements on Facebook. We will stand up for the rights of individuals who may have been ripped off by Facebook’s publication and display of stolen images and counterfeit products.

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If you are a victim of the unauthorized display of images of your copyrighted material or products on Facebook in advertisements, or the unauthorized copying or reproduction of your copyrighted work or artwork on Facebook, we would like to assist you with your potential claim. Please fill out the free case form below to begin the process today or give us a call at 800.755.0098 to learn how we can help.

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