Airline Trip Insurance Investigation

We are investigating the marketing practice surrounding airline trip insurance. When buying airline tickets online, you may have seen offers to buy insurance at an additional cost during the checkout process. What may not have been disclosed is that the insurance company offering the insurance is secretly paying the airline a portion of the premium charged—even if the airline is unlicensed to sell insurance. This lack of disclosure can be misleading because certain consumers would not want to buy the insurance if they knew the premium they were paying was improper or funding yet another fee to the airline.

If you purchased trip insurance from Delta, American, Jet Blue, Alaska, United, or another airline, we want to hear from you. We may be able to help you recover what you paid and hold the insurance company accountable for this practice. Please call us at 800.755.0098 or submit a free case review.

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Trip Insurance Background

Trip insurance provides protection against sudden changes in schedule and other unplanned circumstances. While this insurance may or may not benefit the consumer, the practice of rebating part of the premium to the airline in the form of a hidden commission may be improper. The payment may violate state insurance and consumer protection laws if the airline is not licensed to sell insurance.

How We Can Help

If you paid for trip insurance when buying airline tickets from Delta, American, Jet Blue, Alaska, United or another airline’s website, we would like to assist you with your potential claim. Please fill out a free case review or give us a call at 800.755.0098 to learn how we can help. Zimmerman Reed has more than 30 years of experience handling consumer protection claims and we are here to listen to your story and answer any questions you may have.